Welcome to the Goomba Wiki, where we share knowledge and information on Goombas, an enemy type found commonly in the Super Mario series.  Help us by adding all the existing Goomba types and alike! As of January 21, 2018, the users of the Goombapedia have made 51 articles and counting!

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Goombas are enemies in the Mario series. Goombas first appeared in Super Mario Bros. as the most common enemy type. In there, they could be defeated by means of stomping, being hit by fire, or being ran over with with the Starman power. Ever since that game, they've appeared in nearly every other, almost always defeated in the exact same way.  There are many different sub varieties.  Most Goombas are loyal to King Bowser, with little exceptions.

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Goombeverly 3D

Goombeverly by The Soupistan

Loomba! Choomba

Hey! These feet don't slip on the ice!
Joomba the Choomba>

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