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Mario "Jumpman" Mario

First Game Donkey Kong
Gender Male
Race Human

Mario is the main protagonist and a plumber in the Super Mario series and the enemy to Goombas, as in many Mario platformers, his main foes are Goombas, which he must jump on and defeat on his way to defeat Bowser in the Super Mario series.


Mario is described as a plumber (a carpenter in the Donkey Kong series and a medical doctor in the Dr.Mario series). Mario is also shorter and chubbier than his sibling Luigi. He wears a red cap with a white circle with the red letter "M", blue eyes, a brown mustache, blue overalls, red shirt and brown shoes. He originally had red overalls and blue shirt to contrast against the background on Super Mario Bros.. Also Mario originally didn't had a mustache and his hat was used because animating his hair was considered a hard task. His first game Donkey Kong was a concept for a Popeye game and he was originally called Mr.Video and later Jumpman.


Mario is usually considered kindhearted, brave and courageous. His main goal is to rescue Princess Peach whom is held captive by King Bowser and he must pass several worlds in the Mushroom Kingdom defeating minions like Goombas and Koopas. In contrary, he is secretly considered greedy, self-centered and a serial killer.



Mario has often partner up with his brother, Luigi in various games, the first being Super Mario Bros. up to New Super Mario Bros. U. However in Mario Power Tennis, Mario is seen congratulating Luigi while Mario steps on his brother's shoe.

Princess PeachEdit

Princess Peach is speculated to be the love interest of Mario, with evidence of her giving a kiss to him most of the time he saves her.

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