Hi everyone! I'm taking sign ups for a fanon game I'll be making called Template:Goomba and the 80 Days Around the Kingdoms. Tentative title though. The game is kinda similar to "Traveling Around The World In 80 Days" with it's own twists on the Mushroom World. Sign up characters, items, and moves by commenting. And if you have any idea for places that should be in the game, let me know as well!

Character Sheet

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Short Description:
  • Power (Out of 10):
  • Agility (Out of 10):
  • Health (Out of 10):
  • Defense (Out of 10:
  • Special Move:
  • Special Item:

Item Sheet

  • Item Name:
  • Description:
  • Rarity (Out of 10):

Move Sheet

  • Move Name:
  • Move Description:
  • Move Element:
  • Move Power (Values Of 10):

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